Saturday, February 9, 2008

About Me

My name is E.A. Williams. Most people call me Ashley. That is my middle name. I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I lived in Angel Fire, New Mexico for 13 years. I now live in Oklahoma. I have been taking art lessons from the best art teacher, Lou Baggett . I have progressed to where my painting no longer look like a kindergarten art project ;). I am a hobby Bull Terrier breeder. I love dogs. I have a ninety-five lbs. Pit bull named Chandler, that is my baby. He sleeps in my bed. Not just in the bed under the covers. I also have a black brindle and white female Bull Terrier. Named Xena, she is my breeding dog as well as a pet. I don't know what else to say so i will leave it at that. I will post pictures later.


Dawn said...

Shaun use to have a dog that slept with him, Blackjack was his name. Shaun says their was no room in his bed for himself when the dog crawled in :) Blackjack was part lab and part Great Dane.
The photo's are part of the fun for me, my camera is always with me. I think I must have taken 50 pictures yesterday at the car wash with Shaun and the kids. We had a blast being goofy. You get good at taking better shots of your subjects this way too, so dig in and have bunches of fun girl!

Buck said...

re: sleeping with dogs. I'll just leave the obvious humorous possibilities well enough alone, except to say "Yeah, I've slept with more than a few..."

Meaning: The Second Mrs. Pennington and I had three dogs for most of our 22 years together, and all FIVE of us slept in the same bed... at the end it was a border collie/black lab cross (about 35 lbs), a terrier cross (about 25 lbs), and a German Shepard cross (about 50 ~ 60 pounds). Everyone had their particular space and it wasn't nearly as crowded as it might sound. There were,however, some "interesting" situations that arose... none of which are blog-fodder. Bu the memories make me smile... ;-)

Bag Blog said...

Aiee, you left NM for OK! Are you loco? People ask me that all of the time. It sounds like the art lessons made it all okay.
Ranger only weigh about 20 lbs. (okay more like 25 lbss) but at night when he sleeps with us, I could swear he weighs 95 ilbs.

inquiries said...

Dawn: I feel like I have no room for me in the bed sometimes too.
I like pictures but I forget to take them. I have a camera in my purse. Mostly for taking pictures of things I want to paint. Unless something like that arises I do not take pictures. I will try to be better

Buck: Wow, three dog and two people in one bed! It must have been a big bed.

Lou: I had several people have said that to me too. People here also have said, wow you are from Mexico. You do not look Mexican. I always wanted to say, No you big idiot New Mexico it is a state in the union.
Sometimes the little dogs take up the most room. Chandler takes up a lot of room. He sleeps so close, he has to be touching me.